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Randy's Anniversary Card

Hello Blog Friends!  Today is Sunday, but this posting won't appear until tomorrow.  We can't figure out why email postings notices don't show up the same day as they are posted to the blog.  Anyway, today I'm sharing a card I made for hubby for our 28th anniversary.  He liked our son's BD card so much with the Old Jalopy, I decided I'd use it on his anniversary card.  He loved it, but he's biased.  :o)

I used different papers on this card, and added the "love" embellishment, and a a few more gears.  It went pretty fast since I'd made the first card for our son for his birthday.

I'll tell card stock is really hard to photograph.  We tried placing a different background behind the card (yea, it's a little too busy; I must have been hoping the black on black/tan fabric would encourage the camera to make the card stock a dark rich, and it helped a bit, but still doesn't show the dark black card stock.  Black i…

Love Red Chili

Hello Blog Friends!   It's Red Chili Day.  This the 4th card I mailed to Stamp A Mania (SAM) for this round.  The chili stamp is Chili Ristra Medium MR108-G.  Spectrum Noir's markers were used to color images.  The white CS was distressed with Mr. Tim's distress inks.  I think it was the Vintage Photo ink pad I used for distressing the edges. The background paper is some paper I found in my growing paper stash.  I've talked to several friends, and we all seem to be paper hoarders.  LOL  Just when you think you've found the most beautiful paper, you turn around and there's more to buy.  It just happens that way.  :o)

By the way, I noticed that the font I've been using makes my words appear a little squished together when I receive the email blog notice.  I'm assume it must appear that way when you all receive the email notice, but I could be wrong.  I sure would like to hear from you on this.  I'm using the normal font size today to see if it's b…

A Friend Loves at All Times

Happy Valentine's Day Blog Friends!  Today I'm sharing a card that has a bit of Valentine flavor to it.  See the little red hearts on the sign?  :o)   The image is colored with Sprectrum Noir markers.  All stamps are by Stamp A Mania.   The pot is Mimbres Pot MR1204-G.  I also used Old Sign MR3005-H, with the sentiment Proverbs 17-17 MH7105-F.   I love this sentiment because it's so true.  True friends love at all times, they just accept you for your goofy self, and are always there for you, no matter what.  There are so many great friend sentiments, and there's another one I love that ends with "and helps me remember the words when I forget them."  I'm thankful for my friends.  For the wings, I stamped the Mimbres Angel SF6522-L, and cut out the wings.  I cut the back top of the pot and stuck the sign post into the pot.  Foam tape was used to give the pot and sign some dimension.

I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day and hope you do something special…

Pink Hearts

Hi Blog Friends!

Quick note:  The last card I posted - Christmas Cactus in Pot, was colored with Sprectrum Noir's.  Not Copic as I previously stated.  Wanted to clarify that little bit of info.  My fingers type faster than my brain shifts into gear sometimes.  Plus, I think it (my foggy brain) was on automatic pilot since I'm so used to typing the word Copic.  

When I began making my design team cards for Stamp A Mania, I originally intended on making this card for Valentine's Day.  Much to my chagrin, I didn't have a Valentine sentiment by Stamp A Mania.  Poo!  So....I decided it would become an anniversary card.  It works too.  Sometime, I need to aquire a couple of Valentine sentiments from them so that I can make some VD cards.  :o)  The hearts were cut out using a die.

I used the Mimbres Background SF6497-M for the hearts, and   edged both hearts with Stickles.  The sentiment is Fiesta Happy Anniversary SAM2325-D.  I'll be posting the other cards soon.  Don't…

A card from MaryAnn Somers

Hi Bloggers!   We're sitting here waiting for the snow to get here.  It's cloudy and really windy.  Not much for wind, but it comes whether we want it or not.  Today I'm posting a card we got in the mail yesterday from MaryAnn Somers.  A lovely anniversary card!  The background is very shimmery, and I hope you can see that in the photo.  I can't remember what the background paper is called.  I've used it in the past, and its really pretty.  The bottom of the card is embellished with ribbon that has little birds on it.  So cute!

The lime green heart appears to be embossed, but I'm not really sure how MaryAnn did it.  I know MaryAnn has a Cricut machine and has been making lots of cards with her cartridges lately.  The two little blue birds are cut out and put on the white heart with foam tape.  Then the tiny stars and tiny green heart have Stickles on them.  Thanks, MaryAnn, for a lovely anniversary card!  :o)

Indian Pot with Christmas Cactus Plant

Hi Blog Friends!

I just mailed off cards to Stampa A Mania, so I'll be sharing four cards with you within the next few days.

Today I'm posting the Indian Pot with Christmas Cactus plant.

Keeping it short and sweet today.  Woke up with a nasty headache 3 days ago and can't seem to shake it.  So my words will be short today.  I'm disappointed because today is our anniversary, and hubby had reservations at The Compound for tonight.  We decided to cancel and go later when I don't have this dang headache.  We'll do something easy tonight, and celebrate at The Compound later....hopefully next week.  :o)

The pot is Mimbres Pot MR1304-G, and Christmas Cactus H7212-E.  I stamped the cactus three times to fill the pot.  The little leaves is a separate stamp that is included with the main cactus.   Images colored with Spectrum Noir markers, (Stampa Mania sells the Sprectrum's) and Daffodil Liquid Pearls on the stamens.  Thanks for stopping by!  

Patrick's Birthday Card

Hi Blog Friends!

Here's the BD card I promised to post.  It's for our son, Patrick.  I used the Tim Holtz die called Old Jalopy.  The papers are also by Tim.....along with the gear embellishments.  I wondered if I'd really like the die when I bought it, and I do!  I was trying to figure out what kind of card to make for Patrick, and when I saw the car die, I thought I'd give it a try.  I sent our son a text and asked him for the licence number on his truck.  He sent it to me, and asked why I needed it.  My response was "because we're going to buy you a Mercedes."  His response was "whoo hoo!!!" I'm sorry to say I don't think the old jalopy is anything close to a Mercedes, but he can dream.   Patrick is the Assistant Director at NM Game & Fish.  You'll notice the GF on the license plate.  :o)

The film strip is also by Tim.  I guess this is a total Tim card.  lol  It was a fun one to make.  My hubby really likes the jalopy, so I may …

Copic Refill Storage....for Now

Hi Blog Friends!

I was talking with a friend one day about my Copic refill storage, and she asked me to post my storage system.  It's pretty sophisticated....not!  I originally stored the bottles in plastic shoe box, but they kept tipping over.  One day I was looking at the empty root beer and orange soda cartons and thought I'd try something.  I was so happy to see that my refills fit into the slots and didn't tip over.  Each carton has four sections/slots.  It's not the ideal solution, and not the most glamorous, but works!  :o)

We took a few pics to share with you, and here they are:

I've filled four cartons so far.  Like I said, not the most glamorous, but I like the way they stand straight up and don't fall over.  For now, it's working just fine.  The orange cartons are from Trader Joe's, and the root beer carton is from Albertson's.  They're all basically the same carton.  That's it for today.  I'll be back soon with a cool …

Replying to Comments on Doggie Sympathy Card

Hello Bloggers,

We're having problems with Google on Internet Explorer.  I'm going to start using Chrome Google, in hopes that we can resolve the problems.

If you received the "Another Take Ten Halloween" card via email this morning, I'm sorry.  It came in our email this morning, and I never sent that out!  Well, I'd sent it out last October, but not a second time.  Kinda scary, eh?  We may have to switch to a "pay for" blog account.  Google Blogger is free, but if it continues to mess up, we won't be using it.

Also, Google Explorer has not let me access the "reply" icon, so I'm replying here:

MaryAnn:  Thanks so much, I'm so glad that Ruby liked her card.  

Liane:  Thanks, Liane.  The doily is actually part of a set of cards I bought.  It's already embossed on to the card.  Nice to have those when you need to make something quickly.  :o)

Marcie:  Thank you.  If you remember, I had asked you who made the stamp you used when you s…